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Becoming Bulletproof

Becoming Bulletproof eBook PDF Free Download

An Uncommon Approach to Building a Resilient Body

Edited by Tim Anderson and Mike McNiff

Becoming Bulletproof eBook PDF Book Free Download

We were made to move: to climb mountains, to swim lakes, to run trails, to jump creeks. We were designed to be fully capable of performing any task. We were made to be resilient. We were made to be bulletproof. Somewhere along the way most of us have lost our abilities to move, to run, to climb, to play, to live. We have become broken.

This doesn’t have to be. We can regain our movements. We can regain our resiliency. In Becoming Bulletproof you will learn how performing just four simple moves can help you to regain the body you were meant to have; a body that is strong, powerful, fast and graceful. A body that is capable of doing anything.

We don’t have to be broken. We don’t have to avoid things we love to do because they cause physical pain. We don’t have to waste away because we sit in chairs for most of our lives. We can learn how to move again. We can become strong again. We can engage and enjoy our lives. We can become bulletproof!

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