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Databases for Small Business

Databases for Small Business eBook PDF Free Download

Essentials of Database Management, Data Analysis, and Staff Training for Entrepreneurs and Professionals

Edited By Anna Manning

Databases for Small Business ebook pdf book free download


This book covers the practical aspects of database design, data cleansing, data analysis, and data protection, among others. The focus is on what you really need to know to create the right database for your small business and to leverage it most effectively to spur growth and revenue.

Databases for Small Business is a practical handbook for entrepreneurs, managers, staff, and professionals in small organizations who are not IT specialists but who recognize the need to ramp up their small organizations’ use of data and to round out their own business expertise and office skills with basic database proficiency.

Anna Manning―a data scientist who has worked on database design and data analysis in a computer science university research lab, her own small business, and a nonprofit―walks you through the progression of steps that will enable you to extract actionable intelligence and maximum value from your business data in terms of marketing, sales, customer relations, decision making, and business strategy.

Dr. Manning illustrates the steps in the book with four running case studies of a small online business, an engineering startup, a small legal firm, and a nonprofit organization.

Databases for Small Business teaches non-techie entrepreneurs and professionals how to:

Design a small business database from scratch
Extract the maximum profit from your data
Follow guidance on data protection law
Effectively use data collection and data cleansing techniques
Train staff to leverage your data

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