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Electromagnetic Compatibility

Electromagnetic Compatibility PDF eBook Free Download

Electromagnetic Compatibility eBook PDF Free Download

Analysis and Case Studies in Transportation

Edited by Donald G. Baker

Publisher: Wiley     eBook Format: PDF     Size: 5.4 MB

This Electromagnetic Compatibility: Analysis and Case Studies in Transportation is edited by Donald G. Baker. This First Edition textbook of Electromagnetic Compatibility is a mathematically-rich extension of courses required to maintain the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), and the European Union certifications. The text provides an in-depth study of the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues related to specific topics in transportation and communications, including Light Rail Transit, shadow effects, and radio dead spots, through the analysis of real-world case studies in the United States and Europe. The author provides Cartesian, cylindrical, and spherical solutions that can be applied to Maxwell’s and Wave Equations.

This Electromagnetic Compatibility book covers topics such as SCADA Systems, shielding, and complexities of radio frequencies and their effect on communication houses. The author also provides information for alternative industries to apply the solutions from the case studies and background content to their own professions. Presents a series of over twenty real-world case studies related to EMC in transportation and communications Covers power line radiation, shadow effects on subway cars, train control systems, and edge distortions Includes the OATS testing method and Department of Transportation (DOT) test Provides access to a companion website housing power point slides and additional appendices Electromagnetic Compatibility: Analysis and Case Studies in Transportation is a reference for practicing engineers involved in transportation and communications, as well as post-graduate engineering students studying transportation and communications in engineering.

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This 1st Edition handbook of Electromagnetic Compatibility: Analysis and Case Studies in Transportation serves as Reference Material for Engineering Students and Engineers. However the Information included in this book found to be useful for Mechanical Engineers.

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Electromagnetic Compatibility eBook Free Download

Electromagnetic Compatibility PDF Free Download

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