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Functional Training Handbook

Functional Training Handbook PDF eBook Free Download

Functional Training Handbook eBook PDF Free Download

Edited by Craig Liebenson

Publisher: Wolters Kluwer     eBook Format: PDF     Size: 31.98 MB

This Functional Training Handbook is edited by Craig Liebenson. Reach a whole new level of physical training with this First Edition of Functional Training Handbook, whose big-picture approach to movement fosters lifelong health, mobility, and athletic development. This practical textbook delivers clear, how-to- information, an array of sport-specific guidelines, and key principles that will keep your clients at peak performance. Join the revolution to improve sports performance, treat injury, and re-train patterns with this comprehensive guide to the body and its movement.

Key Features
Sport specific chapters in this 1st Edition of Functional Training Handbook include Baseball, Basketball, Cycling, Dance, Football, Golf, Hockey, Mixed Martial Arts, Olympic Weight Lifting, Skiing, Soccer, Swimming, Surfing, and Tennis. Emphasis on functional exercise explores the physics of weight-bearing and balance to reduce repetitive motion injuries. Guides to injury prevention, safe workouts, re-injury avoidance, and practical strategies for active athletes

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Functional Training Handbook eBook Free Download

Functional Training Handbook PDF Free Download

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