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VMWare vCenter Cookbook

VMWare vCenter Cookbook eBook PDF Free Download

Edited By Konstantin Kuminsky

VMWare vCenter Cookbook ebook pdf free download

Over 65 hands-on recipes to help you efficiently manage your vSphere environment with VMware vCenter

About This Book

Learn how to increase availability and scalability of your virtual environment
Improve efficiency and optimize resource usage in your virtual infrastructure
Explore new vCenter features and discover best ways to implement them using proactive examples

Who This Book Is For

If you are a system administrator who has some experience with virtualization and already uses VMware vCenter, but wishes to learn more, then this is the book for you. If you are looking for tips or shortcuts for common administration tasks as well as workarounds for pain points in vSphere administration, you’ll find this guide useful.

What You Will Learn

Manage your virtual environment faster and in a more efficient manner
Easily implement and start using new vCenter features
Scale an existing virtual environment quickly
Optimize resource usage across virtual infrastructures
Prioritize VMs with resource pools
Perform simple and advanced administrative tasks using VMware
Discover tips on task optimization that will let you have more time for important tasks.

In Detail

VMware vCenter is a centralized management application server that lets you manage virtual machines and ESXi hosts centrally and optimizes resources efficiently. Day-to-day virtual environment administration for IT professionals will become much easier with the help of this book! Clear and helpful recipes and tips offered in this book will help administrators to increase their level of expertise and gain new skills in vSphere administration. You begin by learning useful tasks and features of vCenter such as accessing hosts via SSH and securing host management access. You will then learn ways to ensure 100 percent uptime for critical VMs, protect host redundancy and configure a backup retention policy, all while increasing environment availability. Following this, you will discover how to increase and improve environment scalability and optimize resource usage. Finally, you’ll finish your journey by learning how to improve environment manageability using CLI, VM cloning, and many other methods.

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