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This Page is Specially Designed for those who find Difficulties in Downloading Files from our Site.

Once You land on our Site with possible ways such as Google Search or Through Links from Other Sites or Directly, Look for the Download Button with text “Click Here to Download” or simply “Download” by Scrolling Down the Page. For your Convenience, Screenshot of Download Buttons is provided below


After getting succeed in Searching the Download Button. The Very Next Step you have to do is Click on It. The Download Link of the Particular File is located behind the Download Button. This will Opens the Download Page in Browser’s New Tab

How to Download eBooks from Different File Hosting Services

We used different File Hosting Services in our Website. So the Download Procedure is divided into following sections based on the File Hosting Service. Depending on your Need, Click on the Respective Service to Know about the Download Procedure.

How to Download eBooks / Files from FILEFACTORY
–If you land on FileFactory Download Link Page after the above process. Don’t Forget to Scroll Down to the Bottom of the FileFactory Page.

–There you will Find the Download Button at the Very Bottom of FileFactory Page. Click on “Slow Download“, A Popup will Opens soon after your Clicking. Close the Popup and Wait for 60 Seconds so that the Main Download Link is generated.

–Finally Click on newly generated Download Button and your Download Starts.

–If you want to reduce the Waiting Time i.e., 60 seconds, Create a Free Account in FileFactory or If you don’t want any Restrictions then Prefer FileFactory Premium at affordable low price.

–For your Convenience and Easy Understanding, We created a Video on “How to Download eBooks / Files from FileFactory.

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